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Ecological Awareness

LEFARC products are positioned as one of the most competitive internationally, thanks to our extensive experience in leather tanning, great infrastructure, constant innovation culture and our strict quality controls.



Support of Society

In LEFARC, we are committed to our society and environment, which is why we have support programs for non-profit Institutions and Organizations in different areas of the State of Guanajuato.

We support orphanages “Amigo Daniel” and “Rhuaa”
We provide support to boxer Jair “Kaiser” Valtierra, helping him to continue fulfilling his dreams
We bring a little happiness to our grandparents by visiting them in their homes
We offer support to various athletes from different fields
We have helped society by painting schools so that children have a better place to work





LEFARC in the world

Throughout our trajectory in leather tanning, we have earned the trust and respect of our customers, domestic and foreign.

The reasons that make LEFARC one of the most prestigious tanneries internationally are:

  • We have C-TPAT certification
  • Experience with international clients, 80% of our production is for export and 20% national
  • Department specialized in exports and imports
  • Products free of restricted substances, based on “Reach California’s 65”
  • CEDI’S in the Dominican Republic
  • More than 60 million decimeters exported
  • Presence in more than 20 countries




66% of all our waste is recycled.
Our solar panels generate energy to power 155 homes per year.
Last year we reduced 13.81% in waste, preventing it from being sent to landfills.
With our skin, more than 3,725,000 pairs of shoes were produced in 2018.
We cut the equivalent of 900 cattle daily, avoiding being sent to landfills.
100% of our packaging is made with recycled materials.
For a skin to reach the producer, it passes through 70 Mexican and certified hands.
In our REDES program, we support the families of our collaborators to teach them trades that facilitate their daily tasks.





The success of our clients means the success of our entire production chain.










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